Rum, Charts and Healing

After another successful writing session last night with my right-hand man, Vince Cuneo, we are really starting to move. We sipped some rum and coke, jammed to the tunes we have charted out and worked on the last tune for the EP, which came about as a surprise even to me.

The song dropped out of the sky the other night while I was playing my guitar and without thinking, I began writing. The song is now taking over another tune that was going to close out the record, but these new lyrics came from a point of strength inside of me and there is really no other way to end the EP.

This writing and recording process is so incredibly healing and I am so thankful to have people on board for the project. This Monday, Vince, two other awesome local musicians (from Steel Town Soul!) and myself will meet for our first rehearsal. Then it will be time to write the horn lines and next thing you know, we’ll be in the studio!

We are also working on an unplugged video so follow us here, on Facebook and on Twitter for all the updates!

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