What is Your Full Potential?

I’ve always enjoyed reading Byron Katie’s insights. She’s inspirational, to say the least. But especially for those of us who pursue creative fields, whether it’s recreational or career-based, this is a great video with great honesty from Katie.

There are those in our lives who think we are selfish, who think we should be doing something more productive or meaningful. What if they saw things differently? But most importantly, what if we saw our own potential as being full and not caring if others saw it that way?

“Full potential is doing whatever you do in the moment, it’s not later,” is what Byron Katie says, and it’s true. And it’s powerful. What we do makes us happy and makes us feel full. In the end, that’s what matters. I’m going to keep that in mind throughout this recording process and I hope we can all have that same mindset as we pursue whatever passion or field we love.


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