If This is the Blues…

If this is the blues...

Preparing for this EP means lots of things: dousing my soul over and over again with personal, and sometimes self-deprecating, lyrics, writing out a budget, attempting to intertwine a million schedules…but one of the fun things is discovering new toys. The title track of this EP, which I can now tell you is called Love Through the Line, will be straight-up Delta blues and to achieve that raw sound, I purchased a resonator guitar. It will be arriving at my house within the next week or so and my guitarist is pretty pumped to play with it. I am pumped just to look at it in all its beautiful glory.

We are also preparing to start an unplugged-style video series beginning with the title track and you will get to see this new trinket of mine in action! Stay tuned…

Making this EP is quite a feat, but it’s these little things that make it exciting. If this is the blues, then please…I’ll take it.

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