Studio Update!

Hey all! We are busy over here in Vamp Land laying down our parts in the studio. After a great initial tracking session two weekends ago, we popped back into the lab this past Monday for Max to add some tasty keys and Vince to slay his guitar solos. I’m super stoked for everyone to hear these solos- they are exactly what I pictured when I wrote the tunes and I was honestly melting in my chair as Vince nailed them.

I’ll be back in the studio next week for an intense vocal session and next weekend, Vince and I will be recording an acoustic blues song for the record on the sexy resonator 🙂 Soon, the horns will be shined and tuned and ready to go, and two beautiful ladies will be stepping into the booth to add their awesome backup vocals.

Slow but steady is how we’re rolling and we’re making awesome progress. I can’t wait to share these tunes with you later this year. This process is such great therapy for me and we’re having a blast.

Stay tuned for more updates and video footage!

ImageMax on the Hammond!

ImageVince pulling double duty on the bass!

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