A Long Overdue Thank You!

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to Howler’s last night to support our EP release! We’ve had so much fun working on it and we hope you enjoy it!

I wanted to make this record for selfish reasons- I needed to focus on something positive. If anything else comes out of it, if someone listens to it and loves it, then that is a fantastic bonus and I most definitely hope everyone finds something they love about it. I gave the record everything I had and so did everyone else. It was an incredible experience and I owe it to every single person who worked on it with me. So now is the time for me to thank them:

Vince, my right-hand man and producer and unintended life coach, who was there from the beginning to make these songs come to life, writing out the charts and channeling my tastes and vibes. You could have been doing a lot of other things for the past 9 months but you chose this as one of your priorities. I owe you everything for being supportive and inspiring, and for putting up with my ranting, stubbornness and drinking.

Mark, our sound engineer, for staying up late, for dealing with my OCD and for being excited about the project.

Brando, our mixing engineer, for putting everything you had into the process, understanding my old-school flavors and dealing with my ridiculous notes and last-minute changes.

The entire band- Max, David, Skelly, Abby, Collin, Joe, Cait and Jess. You put in your time and energy and all of your talent during your days in the studio. Literally, this music would not exist without you.  I am most definitely not worthy.

Abby and Collin, for writing the amazing horn lines for all of the tunes, and for providing me great entertainment watching you two lovingly bicker like brother and sister in the studio.

Joe, for acting as “Captain” during the horn sessions and staying later than you needed to because of pure enthusiasm for the project.

Cait Cuneo, for writing all of the backup vocals and providing me with techniques to “conquer my songs,” and Jess, who sang along beautifully with Cait to enhance the tunes with some great girl group sounding harmonies.

Landon and Tommy, for shooting video in every condition, from the sweaty studio to the early morning chill on Mount Washington.

All of the incredible Pittsburgh musicians who welcomed me warmly and enthusiastically. This is an awesome local community and I’m loving that I get to dip my toes into it.

My friends, for cheering me on and encouraging me the whole way, and understanding why this project was so important.

My family, for dealing with my schedule and understanding why I couldn’t always come home for a visit because I was slaving away on this EP.

Everyone who donated to the IndieGoGo campaign, for your support, for your confidence in the project and for your cold hard cash.

Wines & Spirits.

Again, thank you to everyone who celebrated with us. We’re going to keep on vampin’.


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