Here’s a little snippet of our horn section at work in the studio! They are killing it and I can’t wait for the final mixes to be made and heard!

Unfortunately, with the weather being so iffy lately, our gig at J&D Cellars Winery is cancelled. We don’t want anyone standing outside in the cold! We will definitely be on their lineup once the weather breaks this spring, though, so stay tuned!

Because of this little bummer, we will give you this short teaser of Vince and I recording the title track off of the EP last night, “Love Through The Line!”

Yesterday was a busy day on our end, folks. It all started at sunrise with our second and third acoustic videos for our Raw Sessions series. As cranky as I may have been in the beginning, that quickly faded when we went to our first location up on Mount Washington. The clouds gave way to ideal lighting as we played a pretty emotionally-heavy song for me and I couldn’t help but feel enlightened (Oh, yeah…it’s cheesy).

ImageAfter our final sips (err, huge gulps) of espresso, we made our way to the second location in the Strip District underneath some old train tracks littered with whiskey bottles and packs of cigarettes. I obviously felt right at home. Vince even came across his new heavy metal band name spray-painted along the wall!

ImageThen it was off into the studio for me to meet with my drummer, David, as he laid down some beats for a few tunes. It was amazing to hear him play along with Vince’s beautiful guitar solo on the last track of the record. The more instruments that get added, the more these songs come to life! I can’t wait to meet with the horn players this week to see what dirty lines they’re going to throw down on these tunes to make them even more complete 🙂

I’ll be in the studio tonight tracking some vocals, utilizing some of the words of wisdom I got from one Miss Cait Cuneo this past Friday when we met for a little voice lesson (this girl right here is in a dark abyss when it comes to technique!).

Progress, progress, progress. We’re making headway but also making sure we take our time to make this record sound exactly how it was envisioned. I’m accepting the great, unexpected changes, though, because these musicians I’m working with know their shit and I’m excited I get the chance to work with them.

Stay tuned for our second Raw Sessions video coming soon- this time, we perform the EP’s title track “Love Through the Line.” It’s bluesy, it’s jazzy, it’s broken down and it’s early in the morning.

Image‘Till next time, tramps. I mean, vamps.

Hey all! We are busy over here in Vamp Land laying down our parts in the studio. After a great initial tracking session two weekends ago, we popped back into the lab this past Monday for Max to add some tasty keys and Vince to slay his guitar solos. I’m super stoked for everyone to hear these solos- they are exactly what I pictured when I wrote the tunes and I was honestly melting in my chair as Vince nailed them.

I’ll be back in the studio next week for an intense vocal session and next weekend, Vince and I will be recording an acoustic blues song for the record on the sexy resonator 🙂 Soon, the horns will be shined and tuned and ready to go, and two beautiful ladies will be stepping into the booth to add their awesome backup vocals.

Slow but steady is how we’re rolling and we’re making awesome progress. I can’t wait to share these tunes with you later this year. This process is such great therapy for me and we’re having a blast.

Stay tuned for more updates and video footage!

ImageMax on the Hammond!

ImageVince pulling double duty on the bass!

Yesterday was a long and productive night in the studio and I’m happy to say we have the foundation of all songs laid down! I am so glad to be working with professionals who know exactly what they are doing. Although a few more sessions are needed to touch up some minor parts, layer in the horns and add some backup vocals, this session was vital and it went without a hitch. Maybe it was the whiskey we were drinking?

Check out some behind-the-scenes photos from the session and remember to follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

Obligatory dramatic black and white shot.

The Vamps Will Be Vampin'!

Boom! This Sunday we go into the studio for our main tracking session and we’re doing it as Chelsey Nicole & The Northside Vamps. Let it be written. This is a collective effort and I am lucky to have such incredible musicians working on this EP. It’s a big sound and I can’t wait to get the first layers laid down to achieve it.

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Here it is! Our first of a three-part video series! This is the first tune I wrote for the EP, which we will start recording here shortly, and it’s one that Vince and I love playing. It’s simple yet speaks volumes in its message. Although it’s a doozy for me emotionally, I really wouldn’t have it any other way. Check it out, share it, do what you will 🙂