These three things probably don’t make any sense…but they sum up my evening last night shooting a raw video with my guitarist, Vince, in Polish Hill. Two friends rolled the cameras and after a few hours of sweating under hot purple and yellow lights and attempting to silence the two adorable pups that ran around the beautiful house in which we were shooting, we stopped by Gooski’s (a great dive I’ve never been to but will now be my second home) to grab a celebratory beverage (and me, a huge hamburger, of course).

This video will be released THIS WEEKEND so keep your eyes peeled. Here are just a few behind-the-scenes shots from the session!

If this is the blues...

Preparing for this EP means lots of things: dousing my soul over and over again with personal, and sometimes self-deprecating, lyrics, writing out a budget, attempting to intertwine a million schedules…but one of the fun things is discovering new toys. The title track of this EP, which I can now tell you is called Love Through the Line, will be straight-up Delta blues and to achieve that raw sound, I purchased a resonator guitar. It will be arriving at my house within the next week or so and my guitarist is pretty pumped to play with it. I am pumped just to look at it in all its beautiful glory.

We are also preparing to start an unplugged-style video series beginning with the title track and you will get to see this new trinket of mine in action! Stay tuned…

Making this EP is quite a feat, but it’s these little things that make it exciting. If this is the blues, then please…I’ll take it.

I’ve always enjoyed reading Byron Katie’s insights. She’s inspirational, to say the least. But especially for those of us who pursue creative fields, whether it’s recreational or career-based, this is a great video with great honesty from Katie.

There are those in our lives who think we are selfish, who think we should be doing something more productive or meaningful. What if they saw things differently? But most importantly, what if we saw our own potential as being full and not caring if others saw it that way?

“Full potential is doing whatever you do in the moment, it’s not later,” is what Byron Katie says, and it’s true. And it’s powerful. What we do makes us happy and makes us feel full. In the end, that’s what matters. I’m going to keep that in mind throughout this recording process and I hope we can all have that same mindset as we pursue whatever passion or field we love.


ImageLast night, half of the band met for our first rehearsal and I must say it was pretty stellar. These guys are going to nail these tracks like nobody’s business when it’s time to rock it out in the studio and I cannot wait. They are incredible, have such amazing ideas and are absolute pros. I can’t wait to meet up again at the beginning of August and hopefully we will be ready for recording by the end of August.

Bring. it. on. 🙂

After another successful writing session last night with my right-hand man, Vince Cuneo, we are really starting to move. We sipped some rum and coke, jammed to the tunes we have charted out and worked on the last tune for the EP, which came about as a surprise even to me.

The song dropped out of the sky the other night while I was playing my guitar and without thinking, I began writing. The song is now taking over another tune that was going to close out the record, but these new lyrics came from a point of strength inside of me and there is really no other way to end the EP.

This writing and recording process is so incredibly healing and I am so thankful to have people on board for the project. This Monday, Vince, two other awesome local musicians (from Steel Town Soul!) and myself will meet for our first rehearsal. Then it will be time to write the horn lines and next thing you know, we’ll be in the studio!

We are also working on an unplugged video so follow us here, on Facebook and on Twitter for all the updates!

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”

I can’t believe it’s the end of June already. This summer is flying and as each week passes, I feel like we are truly making progress with the EP. With more than half of the songs charted out and ready to dive into, we are working on getting our first rehearsal together. To hear these tunes come to life by the incredible musicians who have jumped on board for the project is going to be surreal. Next thing you know, we’ll be in the studio and my mind will truly be blown.

Stay connected here, on Twitter and on Facebook to check in on our progress. Videos and other behind-the-scenes goodies will be coming soon. Until then, check out a great soul classic that I’ve been vibing on for our latest tune, which, although you cannot hear it yet, I will treat you with the title: “Should’ve Known Better.” 😉

Lately, I’ve been vibing hard on punchy, Staxy-sounding tunes and Willie Mitchell has been one of my most played men. You will definitely hear a bit of Northern (and Southern) soul on the EP (which we expect to start recording in August!), but until then, familiarize yourself with the greats. Take a listen 🙂

ImageHey kids! I had a great writing session with my guitarist this past weekend. We’re finally starting to nail down the structure and vibe of the tunes for the EP. Now it’s time to start charting! I’m starting to line up musicians for the studio and I’ll be meeting with my recording engineer (and good friend), Mark Strickland, next week! It’s time for me to start pinching pennies to make this thing happen! I will spare no expense 🙂

Stay connected on here, Facebook and Twitter for more updates soon!

I’ve always been inspired by ’60s soul and, even more so lately, ’60s girl groups. I may not be able to rock a beehive like The Ronettes (or the great, late Amy) but I’m pulling inspiration from them just the same. This has always been one of my favorite tunes and I’ve had them on repeat this week as I write and start to gear up for practice with my guitarist.


I’ve released my stripped-down, 2-track demo featuring my good friend Arianna Powell on guitar. Boxing Glove was my first original tune I wrote and recorded, and Me and Mr. Jones is, of course, an Amy Winehouse cover. No one can do it like she could, but it’s one of my favorite jams and it had to be done.

These two tracks are much different than the full band material that will be on the EP, but hopefully it holds you over for a while 😉