We are excited to announce our new single, “No Good Lover,” off of our upcoming album will be out this Tuesday, August 29! It will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Music, and pretty much every other music service out there!

Mark your calendars!



We are excited to be the first guests on the new web series SOUNDFOOD tomorrow, June 3! We will be cooking up some amazing soul food to go along with our soul sound, and we can’t wait to dine with all of the attendees.

If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, click here to do so!

And here is a short promo video where Nick and Chelsey talk a little bit about the band’s sound and what we will be making in the kitchen!

We are stoked to say we finally wrapped up the recording process for our second record this past weekend! We laid down backup vocals, threw some tambourine down, and added a few other surprises that we can’t wait for you to hear!

Over the next month or two, we will be mixing this thing to get it sounding perfect for you all. Please be patient! Promise it will be worth the wait!

In the meantime, check out some videos and photos of us in action! Also, here is a broken-down version of our tune “You Got Me.” It will be appearing in its full form on this record, so stay tuned!





Thanks so much to everyone who came out to see us open up for the funky and crazily talented Ladies Night this past Saturday! It was hot and sticky, just like we like it, and we hope you all enjoyed our new tunes!

We’re working hard in the studio to get these fresh songs sounding good for you all, and don’t forget to check out our IndieGoGo campaign to help raise the money we need to finish up the record!

Funk on, everyone.

We are so stoked to announce that we will be heading into the studio this weekend to start recording our second EP! So much has changed since the first time around, and we can’t wait to share our new tunes and stories with you.

You can donate to our fundraising campaign by heading to the IndieGoGo link below and help us reach our goal! This is quite an expensive project, but we are more than dedicated to it.

Time to vamp it up, ya’ll.


We have been secretly, and not so secretly, working on some new material as of late and we can’t wait to one day share it all with you! A few of the Vamps met up this past weekend and charted out a few fresh tunes, one of which you can find a sneak peak of right here in this video! Check it!

Thanks so much to all of those who came out last night to support us as we opened up for the incredible Trombone Shorty! He was ridiculous, as was expected, and we were honored to be a part of the show. We sweat our asses off and hopefully we poured our souls out for everyone. A shout out to all of the volunteers at the Carnegie Music Hall who made it happen!




Next up, we will be hosting the Butler St. Sessions at the Thunderbird Cafe this Monday, September 21! We take the stage at 9 pm and after us, the house will be rocked by some great jam sessions! Best part? It’s free. 🙂